Following a very short respite and a slight drop in the number of cases of CoViD-19, Algeria is experiencing an increase in cases of contamination. The situation is both serious and out of control. Hospitals are overcrowded and medical and paramedical personnel are in dire need of personal protective equipment, which makes them vulnerable and prevents them from carrying out their noble mission.

The collective of volunteers of CoronaDZ relaunches its action. We once again seek the generosity of our fellow citizens in Canada and internationally to continue our mission of delivering equipment to hospitals and care centers that are in greatest need.

Building on our first experience with a fundraising of around CAD $ 28,000, 200,000 DA and a donation of CAD $ 70,000 in disinfectant product. The first two (02) amounts allowed us to deliver a considerable amount of equipment to numerous hospitals in various regions of the country, as well as the consolidation of our network of local contacts ensuring both the purchase, manufacture and delivery of equipment. We are engaging in this new fundraising in the same spirit as the previous one.

We favor local purchases and the manufacture of equipment and rely on many collaborators to ensure delivery directly to recipients and report to our donors regularly and transparently.

We thank you in advance for your generosity. Hand in hand, we will pass through this deplorable and trying situation.

Collective of CoronaDZ volunteers


Merci à tous nos donateurs, nous avons atteint notre objectif de collecte de fonds.

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We are initiating this fundraiser to help our fellow citizens in Algeria who are facing this pandemic.
Our objective is to provide protective equipment for Algerian hospital staff.
We work closely with health professional associations, supported by a donation distribution network in hospitals across the country.
This collaboration allows us to ensure the delivery in total transparency We do our best to carry out this humanitarian companion,
for this we are helped by operators knowing well the companies in China and the procedures in Algeria

 The collective effort of everyone is needed immediately.

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